For 28 years we have been providing professional, high quality home renovations, new construction and land development to Northeast Wisconsin.

New Construction

At Billings Construction LLC, we don’t just build houses, we build homes. The best architects know that perfection is in the details, and the details are what make a home that will provide comfort and security for generations to come. That’s why we have dedcated our careers and our passions to creating custom homes that set a new standard for modern living.

With an arsenal of advanced equipment and materials and a multidisciplinary team of experts, we have the tools to tackle any home development project. We have the expertise and training to do most, if not all, of the work in-house, including foundation work, roofing and everything in between. And in addition to providing first-rate contracting services, we also strive to keep them affordable with a responsible, efficient and streamlined construction process. Furthermore, our experience and relationships with manufacturers allow us to bring our costs down even lower.

But the cornerstone of our business isn’t competitive prices, it’s excellence in design. Our mission is to combine luxury with functionality in the way that makes a house a home, and we have brought together a world-class team of engineers and architects to realize that goal. The dedication and hard work of our employees are what transformed Billings Construction LLC into a leading force in home design. So when you need a builder you can count on, contact Billings Construction LLC.

Knitter Lane Exterior

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Knitter Lane Interior

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